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Obesity The Obesity Epidemic - 1711 Words

The obesity epidemic has now become one of the most pressing issues of our time. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) said â€Å"...obesity has more than doubled worldwide since 1980. In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults (39 percent of Earth’s adult population) were overweight. That includes 600 million who were obese† (Kiener 2015). In the United States, slightly more than one third of adults are obese (FRAC 2016), and obesity-related deaths make up 18% of all deaths, which is now more than three times more prevalent than once estimated (Fox 2013). For most of its history, however, many have misinterpreted obesity as a lifestyle problem that effect only â€Å"lazy† individuals when the opposite is true. Obesity is an issue that goes beyond†¦show more content†¦In addition, children who live with parents who have less than 12 years of education,have an obesity rate of 3.1 times higher (30.4%), compared to children whose parents have college degr ees (9.5%); this goes along with children living below the poverty level having an obesity rate 2.7 times higher than children that live above it (State of Obesity). Overall, children who live in low-income communities are 20-60% more likely to be either overweight or obese than children who live in higher socioeconomic status and healthier environments (State of Obesity). Of the 50 states in this country, research has shown that nine of the ten most obese states are located in the South (Frohlich and Peters 2016). Mississippi was found to have the nation’s highest obesity rate, 35.3%, compared to the nation’s state with the lowest obesity rate Colorado, 20.1% (Frohlich and Peters 2016). Researchers found that the reason for this is because, â€Å"the increase in illness and hospitalizations drives up healthcare costs both for individuals and for health systems† (Frohlich and Peters 2016). In fact, there is a shown correlation between states with higher obesity rates and the states with the highest healthcare costs: Louisiana, the country’s second most obese state, leads the nation in annual healthcare costs whereas Colorado, the country’s least obese state, has the lowest healthcare costs in the country, thus making it easier for peopleShow MoreRelatedThe Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity1133 Words   |  5 PagesObesity has always been a topic that many have had due to the increase attention it has received. Across America, there has been a lot of attention on the obesity epidemic. In America and the inner cities, more people are eating meals away from home in addition to consuming larger portions from fast food restaurants. At this rate, gaining weight is the likely outcome. High energy dense food has become convenient and affordable. Fast food is almost everywhere in America and, contributes to the growingRead MoreObesity : The Obesity Epidemic1509 Words   |  7 PagesThe Obesity Epidemic What is obesity? According to the Health Reference Center Academic, â€Å"Obesity is a clinical condition characterized by an excess of body fat†. Obesity causes serious and life-threatening diseases. Obesity can be calculated using the BMI or Body mass index. The higher the BMI the more obese a person is considered. More than 1 third of the population in the US is obese. Medical costs for treating obesity were estimated at $147 billion in 2008. Non-Hispanic black and Mexican AmericanRead MoreThe Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity967 Words   |  4 Pagesthe issue. There has been substantial encouragement, which has pressured governments and politicians to implement restrictions on the publicising of unhealthy foods, particularly those targeting children. (Jolly, R. 2011) Researchers of the epidemic of obesity are inclined to emphasise environmental aspects, including the convenience of high-calorie appetising junk foods in conjunction with the influence of television programming, video games, computers and tablets that discourage exercise. TheoreticallyRead MoreObesity : The Obesity Epidemic Essay1321 Words   |  6 Pagesevidence that Americans are among the most overweight across the globe, this issue is constantly ignored. We hear about obesity being one of the most prevalent issues in America yet through the years this issue seems to worsen. Although Obesity may not be taken seriously by many, it is one of the leading health issues in America today. Many don’t understand the causes of this obesity epidemic, but being educated on this topic is the best way to prevent and control this issue. A recent study from the NationRead MoreObesity : The Obesity Epidemic2984 Words   |  12 PagesThe Obesity Epidemic What is obesity? A condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body; obesity is when someone is so overweight that it is a threat to their health (â€Å"What is Obesity?†). Obesity is an increasing global health problem. Corpulence is an important matter because of the astounding magnitudes that this disease has reached in the past 30 years (â€Å"Health and Aging†). Obesity is the reason for nearly 10 percent of the national medical budget, whichRead MoreThe Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity2517 Words   |  11 Pagesof obesity in children is on the rise in America. One in three children in America is obese (Kelly). Anyone can recognize there is a problem with the growing numbers of children overweight, however, no one has come up with a way to stop the obesity epidemic. This epidemic in children has been caused by numerous factors now numerous solutions can stop this if they are put in use. Children are weighing more than they ever have. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, â€Å"Obesity hasRead MoreThe Epidemic Of Obesity And Obesity1319 Words   |  6 Pages There’s an appalling epidemic in today’s society sweeping across not only the United States, but all across the globe. This horrible epidemic isn’t the bird flu, or any type of sickness, rather obesity. Today, obesity rates are at an all time high in America. This disease, obesity, is being passed down the family both genetically, and by the terrible eating habits developing in the US. Kids growing up in this generation are facing frightening issues such as increased risk of heart disease, diabetesRead MoreThe Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity Essay1503 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Obesity is becoming an outrageous and alarming health issue in today’s society. Children are rapidly getting engulfed by this pandemic every day. According to the book Public Health 101: Health People-Healthy Populations, pandemic can be defined as, â€Å"An epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and affecting a large number of people† (Riegelman, Kirkwood, 2015). The World Health Organization estimates that 43 million children worldwideRead MoreObesity Epidemic : Obesity And Obesity1634 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012† ( Subsequently, the obesity epidemic has continued to increase over the past few years in the United States. There are many different aspects that have contributed to the obesity epidemic. For example, many people today choose to be convenient instead of eating healthy, which results in the consummation of processed foods. Processed foods have a significant effe ct on the risk of obesity. With a current society always on the go, adults and children haveRead MoreThe Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity2053 Words   |  9 Pagesrise in obesity has reached global epidemic proportions (World Health Organisation (WHO), 2015). Obesity is defined as an â€Å"abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.† Body Mass Index (BMI) is a common tool used to measure a person s weight in kilograms divided by their height in meters squared (kg/m2) (WHO, 2015). An individual with a BMI greater than or equal to 30 is considered clinically obese (WHO, 2015). However this may not be the most valid way of measuring obesity as it

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Types of Parents and the Type of Parent I Am Essay

There are many types of parents in the world today. The types of parents could be classified in many different categories. I believe there are three types of parents today: the Consultants, the Helicopters, and the Drill Sergeants. In this essay, I will discuss and explain each of these types of parents. I will also discuss the type of parent I believe I am, and how my parenting style may affect my children in the future. The Consultant Parents is a loving and logical parent that provides guidance and consultant services for children. They provide messages of personal worth and strength and rarely mention responsibilities. The Consultant Parents demonstrates how to take care of self and be responsible. They share personal feelings†¦show more content†¦They protect the child from natural consequences and use guilt as a teacher. The Drill Sergeant Parents is commanding and direct the lives of their children. They provide messages of low personal worth and resistance, and make many demands and have many expectations about responsibility. The Drill Sergeant Parents tell the child how he/she should handle responsibility; how he/she should feel, and provides absolutes such as, â€Å"This is the decision you should make!† They demand that jobs or responsibilities be done now and will issue orders or threats such as, â€Å"You get that room cleaned up or else†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The Drill Sergeant Parents take over ownership of the problem using threats and orders to solve the problem and uses lots of harsh words and very few actions. They use punishment such as pain and humiliation to serve as the teacher. I do not believe I fall into just one of these three categories. My Mom was more of a Helicopter Parent, so I knew I did not want to be the same way with my children. My Dad was more of a Drill Sergeant Parent and I have met many Drill Sergeant Parents and seen how that type of parenting affects the children later in life. I have known very few Consultant Parents, so I am not completely familiar with the effect that type of parenting can have on a child. I chose not to fall into just one category of parenting because I agree with some portions of each category and I disagree with some portions as well. AsShow MoreRelatedDifferent Views of Discipline892 Words   |  4 Pagesspanking. Some people view these terms as examples of abuse. Others view them as different types of discipline that parents could use on their young children. For as long as I can remember, there has been great controversy regarding the difference between what is the correct type of discipline and what is not. Doing research, such as what I did prior to writing this paper, can help any parent decide what type of discipline will be most beneficial and least harmful to the child. The main topic of thisRead MoreA Reflection On Classroom Management1272 Words   |  6 Pagesstudent. Although, I considered myself to have a few good techniques I used in my classroom, after five years of teaching, I would score myself as average. I have found my space on the type of teacher I desire to be, as well as the type of environment I want my classroom to have; yet, there is room for improvement and this course has given me a new perspective on classroom management that aids the student and teacher become better individuals. For the upcoming school year, I will capitalize onRead MoreThe Legal Issues Of Surrogacy856 Words   |  4 PagesResembling so many other topics in this class, I continue to have mixed emotions about surrogacy. The topic goes back and forth based on the type, the legal issues, and additional concerns that are to be expected. After watching what Dr. Rae has to say about surrogacy and doing research, I am pleased to say that I am still learning and am truly amazed at how much knowledge and insight I am gaining on this topic. There are four types of surrogacy. First is the traditional, or formally known as geneticRead MoreStudents At Younger Ages Have A Keen Interest936 Words   |  4 PagesStudents at younger ages have a keen interest in reading a writing. I want to help these interests by encouraging reading outside of school. Their skills will continue to improve and the students will be confident in this skill from working on it so much. Reading can also help the children extend their vocabulary and help spell words from remembering them in their books. I can push these interests more by having students read aloud and incorporating reading and writing into my lesson plans. As aRead MoreErik Erikson s Stages Of Psychosocial Development1318 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Who am I?† â€Å"How do I fit into this world?† â€Å"What is life all about?† Are questions that are significant during the teenage years, as adolescents seek to find their place in the social world† (Feldman.2013). During the teenage years, from experience we do seem to try to answer those questions on the daily. Wanting to know are role in society is something that is very important to us at that age because we are getting to the age where we need to start making contributions to the society and to beRead MoreMbti Reflection Paper1132 Words   |  5 Pagesvery well. I was a different pupil. For three or four months I had faked my way through song after song without my dad knowing I was not reading the music. When I started taking lessons around the age of five I found that I could remember what the song was supposed to sound like after hearing just one or two times. I can remember getting so bored looking at those weird white sheets of paper with funny black markings in between rows of lines. My dad was an extremely patient teacher but I was not aRead MoreMy Experience At The Labor Day Holiday Essay1422 Words   |  6 PagesDay Holiday. I cannot talk about this week without talking about my job. Waking up Tuesday Morning I had my day planned out. I was going to go into work for a little while and then go to my field placement. However, when I went into work on Tuesday that plan went out the door and my entire day was spent at work. My stress level immediately went through the roof thinking about how I am going to get my hours in for my field internship. I identify with a Type-A Personality; I sometimes have problemsRead MoreReflection of What Ive Learned776 Words   |  3 Pagesdecreased. Being that I commute to and from work over an hour both ways every day and I am a full-time mother and part-time student, it is hard for me t o get an adequate amount of sleep everyday. One night I may have to stay up extra late to finish an assignment for school or I may have to wake up earlier than normal to get my children to an early doctor appointment; those types of events do interfere with my circadian rhythm a great deal. There have been plenty of occasions that I have fallen into microRead MoreThe Parenting Styles Authoritative, Authoritarian, And Permissive Essay1297 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is the proper way to parent a child? Is there a right or wrong way to choose to parent your children? What is your parenting style? Experts have identified four major parenting types: Permissive, Authoritarian, Uninvolved, and Authoritative. Diana Baumrind (1966) was the one to identify three of the parenting styles Authoritative, Authoritarian, and Permissive. Martin and Maccoby (1983) expanded on Baumrind’s parenting styles and added the Uninvolved style. Which style of parenting doRead MoreThe Bio Ecologica l Systems Theory1487 Words   |  6 PagesI grew up into a family with two parents, and two older brothers. I have always been really close to my grandparents, aunts, and uncles, as well as cousins. Family is everything to us. The way I was brought up, has had a bigger impact on my life than I ever thought. When thinking about my life in context with the bio ecological systems theory it really opened my eyes to different aspects of my life, and events that have happened that have shaped my life and made me into the person I am today. When

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Nature And Symbolism In William Blakes The Tyger

William Blake’s The Tyger has been broken down and put under a microscope by countless authors that all think they know precisely what Blake meant in his work. Only Blake knows what he is trying to create and in The Tyger he makes it clear that Nature always contains a reflection of its creator. This still leaves the question, who created the tiger? It is unclear if Blake was a spiritually driven man but the word â€Å"immortal† stands out as a key word giving the readers a hint towards God being the creator of the tiger. The tiger burns bright in the dark forest just as God is a light that burns brightly for us in the dark world we live in. So who â€Å"Could frame thy fearful symmetry?† (Blake, 4). Fred Kaplan believes that the tigers fearful†¦show more content†¦Humans were created in the image of God. No, humans aren’t gods and are far from perfect but we were created to be perfect like God so that we could live alongside him. Everything in na ture reflects God in some way whether it’s the strength of a hundred year old tree or the peacefulness of a summer breeze. The Tyger is about the relationship between the creator and the creation. The creator being the artist and the creation being the artwork. If Blake didn’t have God in mind as the creator then it is very plausible that he was talking about himself as the creator. Authors often use their works as a platform to tell readers more about themselves and this could be the case with this poem. Kaplan’s answer to who created the tiger is first Blake, then then the artist, then man. As the artist Blake expanded his imagination and took on the role of God standing in awe at his own creation and fearlessness. Kaplan makes the claim that â€Å"God becomes man to the extent that man becomes God† meaning the more mankind uses their imagination the closer they will be to gaining divinity. According to Kaplan, Blake is God in the sense that he created this tiger and uses it as a reflection of himself. In the first stanza of the poem, William Blake asks, â€Å"Could frame thy fearful symmetry?† (Blake, 4). A very similar question is brought about in the last stanza: â€Å"Dare frame thy fearful symmetry.† (Blake, 24). They difference in these twoShow MoreRelatedEssay Imagery And Symbolism in William Blake’s The Tyger693 Words   |  3 PagesImagery And Symbolism in William Blake’s The Tyger â€Å"Can you give to the horse mightyness? Can you clothe its neck with a rustling mane? Can you cause it to leap like a locust?†(Job 39:19-20) William Blake’s The Tyger is reminiscent of when God questioned Job rhetorically about his creations, many of them being fearsome beasts such as the leviathan or the behemoth. Much like this speech from the old testament, The Tyger also uses a significant amount of imagery and symbolism which contributesRead MoreThe Lamb And The Tyger By William Blake996 Words   |  4 Pagescreated, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible† (Colossians 1:16). William Blake wrote poems about this very subject. In his twin poems, â€Å"The Lamb† and â€Å"The Tyger†, Blake uses different literary techniques such as sound, imagery and symbolism to echo the common theme of creation along with how it is viewed differently. William Blake’s use of sound in his poems, â€Å"The Lamb† and â€Å"The Tyger†, enhance the central idea of creation and the question of how one God can create such differentRead MoreThe Innocence of Lamb in Songs of Innocence by William Blake615 Words   |  3 PagesSongs of Innocence by William Blake collocates the naà ¯ve lives of children and loss of innocence of adults, with moral Christian values and how religion has the capacity to promote cruelty and prejudice. Blake was born in 1757, up to and after the French Revolution he wrote many works criticizing enlightened rationalism and instead focused on intellectual ideas that avoided institutionalization and propelled ethical and moral order. Blake’s collection of poem exposes and explores the values and limitationsRead MoreContemplating Gods Creation in William Blakes The Lamb and The Tyger1205 Words   |  5 PagesWilliam Blake was born and raised in London from 1757 to 1827. Throughout his ear ly years, Blake experienced many strange and unusual visions, claiming to have seen â€Å"angels and ghostly monks† (Moore). For those reasons, William Blake decided to write about mystical beings and Gods. Two examples of the poet expressing his point of view are seen in â€Å"The Tyger† and â€Å"The Lamb.† Both poems demonstrate how the world is and to sharpen one’s perception. People perceive the world in their own outlook, oftenRead MoreWilliam Blake : The Common Symbolism Of The Lamb1677 Words   |  7 Pagesinference. â€Å"Little Lamb I’ll tell thee, Little Lamb I’ll tell thee! He is called by thy name† (Blake 723). The previous quote described that Christ was a lamb, and every person was a young lamb admired by God at one time. â€Å"The Lamb† was part of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and the viewpoint was from a child’s perspective. The child recognized the lamb’s gentleness and generosity. As a result, the lamb was symbolic of Christ, the lamb of God. Blake was tying the childlike innocence in the poem asRead MoreThe Lamb and the Tyger Essay1437 Words   |  6 PagesThe Tyger and The Lamb by William Blake, written in 1794 included both of these poems in his collection Songs of Innocence and Song of Experience, takes readers on a journey of faith. Through a cycle of unanswered questions, William Blake motivates the readers to question God. These two poems are meant to be interpreted in a comparison and contrast. They share two different perspectives, those being innocence and experience. To Blake, innocence is not better than experience. Both states haveRead MoreThe Tyger By William Blake Essay969 Words   |  4 PagesThe Tyger is a six-stanza poem written by an American poet, William Blake. This poem has many interpretation, in a way you could say it is a biblical as well as a symbolic poem, as ‘The Tyger’ is actually the contrast to one of Blake s other poem, The Lamb, both poems are from the book of â€Å"Songs of Innocence and Experience†. If you are familiar with the Christian Bible, it states â€Å"Jesus is the Lamb of God.† The Tyger is comprised of unanswered questions as to who could have created a terrifyingRead More The Underlying Message of The Tyger by William Blake Essay1461 Words   |  6 PagesThe Underlying Message of The Tyger by William Blake Blake’s legendary poem â€Å"The Tyger† is deceivingly straightforward. Though Blake uses â€Å"vividly simple language† (Hirsch, 244), the poem requires a deeper understanding from the reader. There are many misconceptions concerning the symbols in â€Å"The Tyger† (specifically the tiger itself). This often leads to confusion concerning the underlying message of the poem. Compared to Blake’s â€Å"meek† and â€Å"mild† lamb, the tiger is hard to accept. It is a symbolRead MoreThe Tyger, The Lamb and Lord of the Rings1031 Words   |  4 PagesThere is an immense amount of symbolism used throughout both poems, and many different things can be taken away about the author’s thoughts religion, nature, and the battle between good and evil in one’s mind. In the novel, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, there is seemingly a lot left up in the air about religion and the symbolism of nature, but when read the way the autho r intended, there are a few very strong themes that resemble those portrayed in â€Å"The Tyger† and â€Å"The Lamb†. Throughout theRead MoreEssay on The Symmetry: A World with Both Lamb and Tiger1063 Words   |  5 Pages Why did God create both gentle and fearful creatures? Why did God create a world with bloodshed, pain and terror? The Tyger by William Blake, written in 1794 and included in his collection Songs of Innocence and Experience, takes readers on a journey of faith. Through a cycle of unanswered questions, William Blake motivates the readers to question God. Blake sees a necessity for balance in the world, and suggests to the readers that God created a world with a balance of good and evil so

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Case Study of Walmart Global Operations †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Walmart Global Operations. Answer: Introduction: Analysis of country risks enables organization such as Walmart deals with the prediction of political, macroeconomic source of change and non-market events such as social and economic causing strategic, personnel and financial loss. Before making investment decisions, country analysis helps in comparing country market. Assessment of risks can be done by using PEST framework. This framework incorporate all the risk factors associated with organization entry into other countries. Political risks, economic risks, social risks and technological risks. Political risk can be at micro level or macro level. Stability of political factors is of utmost importance for Walmart when entering in developed and developing economies. Entry decision of organization is greatly impacted by political uncertainties in country. Some of the political factors impact decision of Walmart involves government regulations and political system, secure and safety domestic environment. Mexico lacks institution and there is marginalization of population along with manipulation of populism. Corruption is another factor that poses the risk of investment decision in the country (Csipak et al. 2014). Political agreement of Mexico helps in facilitating free movement of goods and services that leads to import export promotion. Foreign direct investment and trade regulations might have important effects that can be transmitted through vertical structure of production. Business of Walmart would get affected by some of economic factors such as change in exchange rate, interest rate, taxes, recession, demand and supply scenario. Payment to international suppliers will be affected by change in exchange rate and strategies formulated by organization is impacted by change in interest rate (Wach 2014). As understood from the characteristics of the social risk, it can originate from numerous ways. In some circumstances, Walmart might internationally or unintentionally contribute to the social or environmental problems and might enable the stakeholders to mount the difficulties by whatever means they have. Walmart might face the problem of operating in areas that are having deep social problems with stakeholders negative perception on misinformation or the lack of resources to the problems that prevails. Problems such as communications, chains of supply and other trading relationships might pose as a social risk for Walmart. Walmart has struggled online and has lagged behind in the market experiments by using social networking technologies that have yielded mixed success. The company faces technology risk in the areas of promoting its merchandising in the local markets internationally. The ecological aspects of the company lags in the areas of radio-frequency identification tags under the supply chain. The technological aspects of the company has led an effect on the customers inattention to customer service at home. Greenfield- Green field strategy is a strategy where a wholly owned subsidiary is owned by expanding firm in a country by subsidiary building. Strategy of green building emphasizes on making good use of capacity of resources of organization. This will assist in establishing new production capacity and production means from foreign market. Main focus of this type of investment is to develop business strategies. Investing via the Greenfield strategy comes with drawback that it required huge amount of financial resources for establishing subsidiaries (Xu et al. 2015). In most of the case, less information is available about host country apart from financial issue. This is so because operations is commenced by new subsidiary with no resources that are transferred from local company compared to merger and acquisition. Merger and acquisition is an investment method used by organization through external market trading for expanding internal growth. A cross border merger is strategy in which two countries operating in home countries agrees to integrate on a relatively equal basis and combining their competitive advantage for contributing to global market success. Cross border acquisition is an entry mode where firm willing to expand to other country buys controlling interest in existing company of foreign country (Li et al. 2013). Joint venture is another foreign market entry mode under which an organization is allowed to gain access to new market. An organization intending to enter international market is able to reduce their risk exposures as such type of venture requires less managerial attention and investment. There are some key issues associated with joint venture such as pricing, technology transfer, technology, length of agreement, government intention and long term capabilities (Khandelwal 2014). The choice of entry modes by organization depends upon various risks prevailing in organization. There exist risks in terms of demand uncertainty of products, political risks and others risks prevailing in any particular country. Moreover, selecting a particular entry mode can be risky to the organization if it brings high risks. Choosing joint venture is a high investment that comes with high risks. Entering any country using foreign direct investment is associated with higher management complexities and greater risks. Similarly, green field investment and acquisition also involves high level of financial investment along with risks. If the market in which organization is seeking entrance is characterized by low risk, then in such scenario, firms tends to opt for wholly owned entry modes (Isa et al. 2016). Entry of Walmart in Mexico was in response to various factors such as liberalization of foreign investment codes and reduction of trade barriers in mid 1980s-1990s. The commitment of Mexico in general to integrate with global economy and opening of its market particularly to United States was one of the compelling factor for Walmart to enter the country. Restrictions on foreign investment was relaxed by Mexico. Signing of North America Free trade agreement (NAFTA) in year 1994 and joining of nation with General agreement on tariff and trade led Mexico to lock its inward looking policies and shifting away from populist (Daszkiewicz and Wach 2014). The performance of industrial sector has been considerably affected by opening of market of Mexico and liberalizing of its trade policies. Factor that has made nation an attractive business destination of Walmart is reducing trade barriers. It was perceived by largest retail brand of United States that such barriers reduction would assist th em in easily brining consumer goods to market of Mexico. Another fact that as sufficient for inducing producers to make investment in re-tooling and marketing is protection of producers of caustic soda and border fictions removal. Under mid-1980s, producers of consumer goods in Mexico were highly protected. This was the main reason why the retailers of United States stayed away from investing and doing business in Mexico as their main strength was in home market suppliers. Following over half decade, retailers in Mexico began selling consumer goods in their home country that was imported from United States because of declining tariff on such goods. There was transformation in commercial policy of Mexico due to signing of NAFTA and providing foreign investors with national treatment made Mexico an attractive place to large retail chain based in US. Population of Mexico also heightened this attraction with increasing urbanization and growth in middle class. Demand of consumer gods was driven by growing and increasing affluent population of Mexico. Participation of foreign retailers such as Walmart initiated in light of approach of Mexican retailers concerning possible collaboration with their counterparts in California and Texas. Progression of negotiations of NAFTA resulted in increasing interest by United States retailers in Mexico. A wave of joint venture was triggered between foreign retailers in United States and Mexican retailers due to these events. In year, 1991, Walmart entered into market of Mexico by forming joint venture with Aurrera an important retailer of nation. The majority of control of Aurrera was took over by Walmart and eventually half of retail market of Mexico is controlled by Walmart. Furthermore, entrance of US retailers was in response of approach of suppliers of Mexico as it will enable them to reach larger market without making any investment in logistics and distribution. Experience of Walmart in South Texas where researcher and analysts cited gains from expanding in Mexico added further to making foreign investment by retail giant. Economic integration was also because of US companies seeking cheap labour (Thomas et al. 2014). The H-O model can be defined as the general equilibrium model that is used to measure the equilibrium of the international trade. The model is used as the comparative advantage for Walmart in predicting the pattern of trade and commerce and the factors involved in the production depending upon the endowment factors of the Mexico. This is essentially used by the Walmart in order to export the products that uses their abundant and cheap factors of productions and imports products that make the use of the scarce resources factors. The model is used as the comparative advantage in those consumer goods for which the needed factors of production are relatively abundant domestically. As a result of this for Walmart goods that are domestically abundant is cheaper to produce than those goods that need inputs which is scarce in Mexico. Growing interest on part of super chain retail market to accommodate the population of Latin American countries by providing them with heritage and nostalgia brands. It also propelled retail gain super chain market to establish their business in Mexico. Products of supermarket chains of US has well established brand names in Mexico and in this context, it was not required by Walmart to spend of costly advertisement campaign. Increase in export share of US and accordingly import share of Mexico was another factor that compelled host country and foreign country to engage in such investment (Nguyen 2017). This had the possibility of improving trade relations and overall economic scenario of both the countries. The introduction of largest retailers of US made foreign firms feel that they do not need local collaborators and this resulted Walmart in buying controlling interest in Aurrera with which it formed joint venture. Competitive pressure brought by Walmex has resulted in creating innovation and waste reduction. Moreover, shedding of labour has resulted in contributing to gain to developing counties such as Mexico. Innovative activities have are resulted in creating successful firms by improving their revenues and increasing products appeal (Kahn and Kok 2014). Mexican retail sector was induced with two fundamental changes with growing dominance of Walmex. Retail sector was modernized in terms of inventory management, warehousing and distribution. The way suppliers interacted with retail companies was also changed. Growing information technology availability was also reflected as foreign investment benefits to host country. Supply chain system of Mexico was also changed by US retail companies requires drivers to have identification cards and delivery trucks to have appointments and relying on centralized warehouse to channel deliveries to suppliers. Standardized palettes were required for carrying out transactions through shipment. Quality of products produced was subjected to test by third party auditors. Upstream supplying industries were significantly impacted by entry of Walmart into Mexico (Shabbir 2016). Several benefits was attributable to Mexican owned firms that was brought through the interaction of foreign suppliers and imitation. Such firms were approached with new production process, new inputs and innovative products. The production efficiency of small and medium sized suppliers was improved through stimulus provided by retail giant such as Walmart and enabling them to adopt innovations. Foreign investment such as those of Walmart into Mexico has resulted in increasing exports of host nation and capturing a greater share of foreign market (Spicer and Hyatt 2017). Relative bargaining position of large and small firms in developing countries such as Mexico was one of the fundamental effect of Walmex. Supply to store brand, cleaners and detergents was done by Walmex using domestically owned medium and small sized producers. This has resulted in uplifting position of such small business firms and thereby contributing to development process. Foreign investment has also resulted in increasing industry wide efficiency of major brand suppliers and small suppliers and this has been done shifting the high cost suppliers out of business. Firms relying on terms of Walmex has resulted in exploiting scale of economies by enabling them to reach larger share of market. Retailing in Mexico has become more efficient by the distribution system of retail giant. Manufacturing process, inputs and packaging are some of major new developments in Mexico. Mexican producers are effectively precluded by these trends from including detergent technologies. Suppliers have been encouraged to develop inputs by cutting inventory cost among large detergent makers (Martnez et al.2017). The manufacturing sector of Mexico has been polarizing effected by Walmarts entry into Mexico. Difference between strong and weak firms have been sharpened by Walmex for manufacturing sector as a whole. For some of Mexican producers, Walmarts entry was beneficial while for some other producers, it was detrimental. However, intensified competition brought by the entrance of retail giant has brought some remarkable structural changes in Mexico. References list: Csipak, J.J., Rampal, R. and Josien, L., 2014. The Effect of a Wal-Mart Supercenter on Supermarket Food Prices: The Case of the City of Plattsburgh in Upstate New York. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 18(2), p.251. Daszkiewicz, N. and Wach, K., 2014. Motives for going international and entry modes of family firms in Poland. Journal of Intercultural Management, 6(2), pp.5-18. Isa, C.M.M., Saman, H.M., Jaapar, A. and Nasir, S.R.M., 2016. Linking Entry Timing (ET) and Entry Mode (EM) Decisions in International Market Expansion by Malaysian Construction Firm: Toward the Development of ETEM Model. In Proceedings of the 1st AAGBS International Conference on Business Management 2014 (AiCoBM 2014) (pp. 79-92). Springer, Singapore. Kahn, M.E. and Kok, N., 2014. Big-box retailers and urban carbon emissions: The case of Wal-Mart (No. w19912). National Bureau of Economic Research. Karodia, A.M., Thomas, S. and Khan, S., 2014. 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In Proceedings of the 12th ANZAM Operations, Supply Chain and Services Management Symposium. The University of Auckland Business School. Xu, H., Taute, H.A., Dishman, P. and Guo, J., 2015. Examining Causal Relationships among International Experience, Perceived Environmental Uncertainty, Market Entry Mode, and International Performance. In International Marketing in the Fast Changing World (pp. 135-156). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Technical, Architectural and Engineering Drawing Tools Essay Example For Students

Technical, Architectural and Engineering Drawing Tools Essay A T-square is a technical drawing instrument used by draftsmen primarily as a guide for drawing horizontal lines on a drafting table. It may also guide a set square to draw vertical or diagonal lines. Its name comes from its resemblance to the letter T. T-squares come in varying sizes, common lengths being 18 inches (460 mm), 24 inches (610 mm), 30 inches (760 mm), 36 inches (910 mm) and 42 inches (1 , 100 mm) Ames Lettering Instrument If you have many lines of lettering to do, you will find a lettering instrument, such as the Ames lettering instrument, shown in figure 3-43, view B, quite useful and timeserving. The top-left section of figure 3-43, view 8, shows how to use this instrument in conjunction with a T square to draw properly spaced horizontal guidelines. You insert the point of your pencil through one of the holes, and the instrument slides along the T square as you move the pencil across the page. The enlarged drawing of the instrument in the lower part of the figure shows the details of how the instrument is used. Notice the three rows of holes in the circular disc of the instrument. An architects scale is a specialized ruler designed to facilitate the drafting and measuring of architectural drawings, such as floor plans and orthographic projections. Because the scale Of such drawings are often smaller than life- size, an architects scale features multiple units of length and proportional Engel increments. For accuracy and longevity, the material used should be dimensionally stable and durable. Scales were traditionally made of wood, but today they are usually made of rigid plastic or aluminum. Architects scales may be flat with 4 scales, or have a symmetric 3-ebbed cross-section, with 6 scales. We will write a custom essay on Technical, Architectural and Engineering Drawing Tools specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Any scale is called an engineers scale and is a tool for measuring distances and transferring measurements at a fixed ratio of length. It is commonly made of plastic,or aluminum and is just over 12 inches (305 mm) long, but with only 12 inches of markings, leaving the ends unmarked 50 that the first and last assuring ticks do not wear off. It is used in making engineering drawings, commonly called blueprints, blue lines or plans in a specific scale, For example, one-tenth size would appear on a drawing to indicate a part larger than the drawing on the paper itself. It is not to be used to measure machined parts to see if they meet specifications. Irregular Curves are useful for drafting and drawing curved and rounded shapes. These professional quality irregular curves are had finished and made of . 060 thick acrylic. A protractor is a square, circular or semicircular tool, typically made of reentrant plastic or glass, for measuring angles. Most protractors measure angles in degrees (0). Radian-scale protractors measure angles in radians. They are used for a variety Of mechanical and engineering-related applications, but perhaps the most common use is in geometry lessons in schools. A mechanical pencil (IIS English) or a propelling pencil (UK English) or a pen pencil (Indian is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable solid pigment core called a lead /led/. The lead is not bonded to the outer casing and can be extended as its point is worn away. The lead is often dad of graphite or a solid pigment. True point pencil is mainly used by Drafts People. It will sharpen a drafters lead pencil to a tine point. Does NOT sharpen a regular pencil. An eraser (US and Canada) or rubber (elsewhere) is an article of stationery that is used for removing pencil markings, Erasers have a rubbery consistency and are often pink or white. Some pencils have an eraser on one end. Typical erasers are made from synthetic rubber, but more expensive or specialized erasers are vinyl, plastic, or gum-like materials. Cheaper erasers can be made out of synthetic soy- based gum.

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America and Nuclear Weapons Testing essays

America and Nuclear Weapons Testing essays American policymakers in the late 1940s debated the very controversial topic of nuclear weapons testing on American soil. Previously, American policymakers such as Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) head Sumner Pike stated that "only a national emergency could justify testing in the United States" (Ball 27-28). As the Soviet Union and communism expanded half a world away, hostilities broke out in Korea, which authorities asserted was a national emergency that would warrant nuclear testing on American soil. Authorities within the AEC believed that to maintain nuclear superiority and preserve national security, nuclear tests would have to be conducted in the continental United States. The Nevada Test Site (NTS) was chosen for a few primary reasons: it was a flat area with little rainfall to minimize radioactive fallout, the winds traditionally blew east towards the relatively "uninhabited" portions of Nevada and Utah and away from the heavy population concentrations of the West Coast (Che ney 36). Nuclear weapons' testing was essential for national security, yet it was not necessary for these tests to take place within the continental United States. Testing at the Nevada Test Site began in early 1951, and within the next seven years, 90 nuclear explosions occurred in the Nevada desert. The ominous result of these tests was the distribution of radioactive particles throughout the United States with areas in eastern Nevada and southern Utah especially affected (Some Questions 1). The tests were conducted to enhance the American nuclear arsenal – the goal wasn't only to achieve the biggest bomb, it included the development of tactical nuclear devices that could be used on the battlefield against enemy troops without causing harm to friendly troops. As Glenn Cheney, a radioactivity researcher and author, comments on the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union, "To fall behind, to become weaker, might be to practical...

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Attitudes of Undergraduate Students toward E-learning in Arabic Thesis

Attitudes of Undergraduate Students toward E-learning in Arabic Language Courses - Thesis Example The success of the program is then determined by this enthusiasm. University students at the King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia have been enlisted on this e-learning program with the same promise of a better future with highly advanced technology. E-learning is a process in which technology such as computers and internet-based resources are utilized to learn in an informal environment away from a formal instruction-oriented classroom Undergraduate university students, who form a sizeable population at tertiary level educational institutions in any given country at a time, have, of late, been called upon to undertake e-learning as a more viable practical alternative to other methods of study. E-learning and e-teaching environments necessarily differ in contextual and atmospheric dimensions and their definitional parameters have been stretched beyond the simple computer mediated proposition. Asynchronous e-learning and e-teaching have become the order of the day in most informal environments where teachers are far removed, sometimes thousands of miles, from the learner. Yet again, there is a distinction between pedagogy-driven e-learning and technology-driven e-learning. A considerable amount of literature has been compiled on the attitudinal perspectives of the university student population in the English speaking world, but nevertheless the same cannot be said about the non-English speaking countries like Saudi Arabia, where university undergraduates have displayed a remarkable paradigm shift in attitude to embrace e-learning as a radical alternative to formal instructional method of learning. This paucity of literature on the subject has weighed more on my effort to produce a comprehensive study on the hitherto less explored phenomenon of e-learning by undergraduate Arabic language students in the King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia. The cognitive construct is a plausible parameter employed by psychological theory to study characteristically peculiar patterns of behavior that are not otherwise amenable to interpretation or analysis.